Bonnie Greene’s 10-Point Feline Wish List

top ten
  1. Cats need stainless steel or glass bowls for food and water. Plastic bowls retain bacteria, which sometimes causes feline diseases.
  2. Cats prefer nutritious, clean, cold water. In the summertime Bonnie adds ice cubes to the water bowl.
  3. Cats do not want to be let out to run free. They encounter too many hazards outdoors.
  4. However, cats crave things that they ordinarily find outdoors, like grass, fresh catnip, warm sunlight, fresh air and exciting sights and sounds. Bonnie grows fresh catnip and herbs in her greenhouse and makes sure that her cats have access to large windows for entertainment.
  5. Cats prefer tasty treats and good wholesome food, not junk food.
  6. Cats do not like free feeding but desire a routine feeding twice a day and a delicious snack. A varied diet will insure that cats do not become bored with their food.
  7. Cats require scratching posts taller than their full body stretch to exercise their foot muscles and keep claws sharp and free of scales. Bonnie provides scratching posts made of sisal, a hemp product.
  8. Cats enjoy being combed every day to rid them of fleas and to remove unwanted hair.
  9. Cats do not want flea collars. Bonnie suggests using herbs for ridding them of parasites.
  10. Last but not least, cats discourage teasing and rough play but appreciate plenty of love and attention.


Cornell University School of Continuing Education