Testimonials from Happy Customers

Bonnie's Pussyfoot Lodge was a wonderful experience for our two furry sweeties, Lulu and Mitzie...Her lodge is the best place to board your precious kitties.Eddie B.

If you care about your cat, then there's only one place that you would ever board them, being Pussyfoot Lodge.  We are so grateful and happy that the Lodge exists for our cat.
Tom and Joanne Wickman

As usual, we are happy and relieved to have someone of your caliber to care for our babies.

We know we never have to worry when you are taking care of the boys...you put our minds at ease. The four of us thank you so much for your wonderful, loving help over the last two weeks. It made us ALL relax. J. Stanger/C. Severing

They've never looked so good when we were away, as when you are here taking care of them. They just seem to blossom.
P. Hand

She always looks so good...like she's been at a spa. 
 L. Morris

Pussyfoot Lodge is peace of mind, and that is priceless. P. Christodolou

I was very pleased with the excellent care Baby received.  She was just as sweet when she returned. You sure know what you are doing there and I hope you continue to do it for a long, long time.
Thank you again.Nancy S.

I am very grateful to you for the care and kindness that you have given Emma over the years.  I know she loved you too.Sandy W.

Thank you so much for taking such good care of Kitty.  She was so happy to see me, BUT you can tell she was well taken care of by you!  I will recommend you to others without a doubt. D. Briggs

Happy New Year and thank you for being a caring, reliable person.  You have made many of our trips away from home more pleasant because we trust you so much. Thanks for doing a great job.C/K Kirk

She always comes back more sociable....it is like she is going to glamour school.E. Shelley

We were impressed how professional you are.B. Ehrsam

She always comes back mellow from your place. N. Lindbloom

As always, THANK YOU for taking such good care of her. It makes our trips more enjoyable.G. Pesavento

We take our trips without worry, knowing he is in good hands.J. Foster

Thank you once again...I think you qualify, certainly, as the girl's official Godmother (with all spoiling rights intact)!N. Alderson

An extra thank you for a job well done and for making it possible for her to reside at your B&B while we were away.  We appreciate what you did and didn't worry about her once...we knew she was in good, Loving hands.Ruth

Thanks for providing so much peace of mind while we're away !K. Brown

Thank you for taking good care of him. Keep on doing good work with cats and dogs-it was just like I never left him...He's very happy, fat and in a good
Mood...he looks good.B. Simon

We're so pleased to have you watching over the animals. K. Cianti

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